​Kings of Comedy is run by comedian Simon Hughes, who has wanted to become a comedian his entire life. 

After meeting Barry from LaDiDa in September 2015 his dream finally became a reality and since then Simon has successfully run Kings of Comedy as one of the best MCs in town, every Friday night in Melbourne's CBD. In making the comedy nights hugely enjoyable for everyone involved, Simon supports local comedians just like him who dream of filling big stadiums one day and offers advice for fellow comedians whenever needed.

At Melbourne's International Comedy Festival in 2017 Simon successfully ran Kings of Comedy and was also able to fulfil his dream of finally having his solo debut with Man vs. Meth.

Simon himself has struggled with drug abuse in the past, but had his eyes opened by a court case for mushroom trafficking in December 2013. Since then, he now thrives as the enthusiastic and energetic person he's known as and motivates others to follow their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

Apart from organising and running Kings of Comedy, Simon studies psychology at Swinburne University, DJs under Sim0nSez (with an energy that has yet to be challenged), including a monthly gig at community radio station PBS FM, does laser shows and runs the Vegan Mini Market at the Abbotsford Convent. 

In the future, Simon wants to help others with drug addiction through his psychology degree and offer a platform of inspiration through motivational experiences, veganism, sustainable permaculture and his passion for comedy and music on many levels.

In his free time Simon enjoys gardening, cooking, music, activities in nature, interactions with any animals that cross his path and making people laugh whenever possible.​​