Jacques Barrett - Jacques Barrett is Particuly Good at this

Stuart Daulman - A Very Good Year

3 Course Comedy

Joseph Green - Death of a Ladies' Man

Juan Miles - Villain 

Khaled Khalafalla - Loose

Jess Perkins & Naomi Higgins - Twins

Comedy Boxing - The Rematch

Kirsty Webeck - Good One 

David Rose, Zack Dyer & Izzy Ali - Stand Up Comedy

Evan Hocking - The Morning After

Nick Stevens - The Ego Trip

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017 - Artists From Kings

Below are a list of comedians we've had perform and highly recommend seeing their solo shows! (Click Image for their MICF page)  MORE TO COME! 

Greg Larsen - A Grub in the Muck

Gabe Hogan - Making Life a Double

David McDonald - Shit Kids